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Why your business needs a bespoke fraud model

Unique problems deserve unique solutions...

DATE: Tuesday 15th February 2022
TIME: 2pm BST/ 3pm CEST/ 8am CDT/ 9am EDT

One size never fits all when it comes to fraud! Data Scientist Nathan Cheng shows us why custom models are the way forward for your business.

Your business has its own set of fraud challenges, so adopting a one size fits all approach to prevention just isn’t sufficient. Your fraud solutions should detect the most relevant signals to your business.

Learn answers to these questions:

- Why a custom model is the way forward for your business

- How to identifying the traits specific to your fraudy customers

- How custom models keep learning over time as your fraud evolves

- How to balance your block rate and fraud rate to maximize revenue and minimize risk

Nathan Cheng is a Senior Data Scientist at Ravelin. He leads a team that builds custom machine learning models to detect and prevent fraud. Before joining Ravelin, Nathan worked on hydrogen fuel cells and studied a Masters in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.

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