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How Spotify uses machine learning to prevent fraud 

Cicely Robinson, Lead Data Scientist, Payments Fraud, Spotify at RavCon 2024



The power of machine learning to prevent fraud is music to Spotify’s ears, and Cicely Robinson is here to tell us all about it.

On the RavCon 24 stage, she opens the black box, delivering an insider’s view of how the iconic audio streaming service leverages data and ML to keep fraudsters at bay.

Expect plenty of insightful takeaways, including making the most of features, practical deployment tips, data science methodologies, and strategies to block fraud at scale.

Insights include:

  • Addressing diverse forms of policy abuse (e.g. free trial abuse, account reselling, etc)
  • How a team of 3 handle 180 markets & 236 million customers
  • Assessing results: Are we blocking the right people? 
  • Protecting good customers from payment fraud


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