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Real-life stories of real-time fraud attacks

Philip Clarkson, Chief Scientific Officer, Ravelin & Ollie Smith, Senior Data Scientist, Ravelin at RavCon 2024

We home in on the heart of Ravelin’s mission: detecting and preventing fraud – and in particular, fraudsters' scripted, coordinated efforts.

We take a deep dive into how that’s done: from what a fraud attack is to how we detect fraud rings, and the many challenges involved.

The session brings real-life stories of real-time anti-fraud action, featuring some of the stickiest pain points and concerns: data science methodologies, authentication dodgers, the role of machine learning and more.

You'll also learn about what’s new in payment fraud, recommended responses to trends, and practical tips to make prevention easier.

Watch one of the most talked-about sessions of RavCon 24 to find out:

  • Why context matters when evaluating potential fraud
  • Handling false alarms and false positives
  • Suspicious traffic alerts and what to do with them
  • What Taylor Swift has to do with fraud attacks (!)
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