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How Trainline handles refund abuse: A delicate balance

Nick Aiken, Director of Fraud and Payments, Trainline at RavCon 2024

Trainline’s veteran fraud-fighter Nick Aiken on stage at RavCon shares real-life stories from the ground, all centered around refund abuse.

Observing this type of policy abuse skyrocket, he knew something had to be done – and came up with a plan.

Watch to find out how Trainline successfully manages refund abuse, what they’ve observed in different locations, how they work with operators in a mutually beneficial setup, and how they leverage data and ML to maximize the satisfaction of genuine customers and minimize losses to abuse and fraud.

Insights include:

  • How to challenge customers to stop opportunistic fraud
  • Static vs dynamic messaging to rehabilitate and discourage 
  • Harnessing and and utilizing the power of social
  • Putting together case studies to make your data work
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