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3D Secure: Why you should care 

Antoine Cathelin, Senior Product Manager, Scalapay & Catherine Jones, Senior Product Manager, Ravelin

For many merchants, 3D Secure represents Secure Customer Authentication. And SCA spells trouble: friction, nuisance, compliance issues, customer churn.

But what if we could look at 3D Secure in a different light?

Antoine from Scalapay and Catherine from Ravelin take the stage to explore why we might want to kiss and make up with 3D Secure, how companies can optimize it, and how 3DS can streamline payments, make customers happier, and boost fraud protection.

Key insights include:

  • How to use 3DS to reduce payment friction
  • Why it helps to think of 3DS as data – useful to many
  • Creating virtuous circles between 3DS and fraud prevention
  • Optimizing authentication flows

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