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The practice of fraud prevention 

Fraud trends and how to stay a step ahead…


Keeping pace with fraudsters is a never-ending task. Social media, the cost of living crisis and the professionalization of fraud has made this even harder. And given rise to a new generation of fraudsters! 

How can merchants strike that delicate balance between protecting genuine customers and stopping fraud? Well, top of the list is talking to and learning from each other.

Pam Cronin, Insparx Head of Payment, is joined by:

  • Morgan McAlinden-Wall, Fraud Prevention Manager - ASOS
  • Hanna Gustafsson, Payments Compliance Lead - Wolt
  • Casey Pozarowszczyk, Head of Financial Crime - N Brown

Key takeaways:

  • The rise of policy abuse, courier fraud and credential stuffing
  • Challenges and process of implementing automation as part of your fraud strategy
  • Which metrics are most valuable when it comes to tackling fraud

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