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PSD2 Authentication & Exemptions Strategy 2021

From 1st January 2021, millions of online payments across Europe will require Strong Customer Authentication. Are issuing banks ready? How can you ensure you’re compliant and use 3D Secure exemptions effectively to minimize friction for your customers?

We’re teaming up with Payment Universe to share information on issuer readiness, 3D Secure and building an exemptions strategy to protect your customers and your revenue. Join the discussion to gain the insight you need to plan your PSD2 roadmap for 2021.

Webinar speakers:

Marco Conte - Co-founder and Consultant - Payment Universe

Marco has spent the last 7 years working within the payment industry as a product and project manager for Merchants and Payment Service Providers focusing on: Payment acceptance, Fraud Management, Payment Optimization and 3DS Authentication Strategies.

Catherine Jones - Product Manager - Ravelin

Catherine the Product Manager for Ravelin Accept, a smart routing system which combines issuer intelligence, exemption requests, data enrichment and a 3D Secure 2 server to reduce customer friction and maximize acceptance. Catherine has 7+ years’ experience working in ecommerce fraud prevention in risk and fraud teams at Worldpay and Groupon.

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