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How to manage promotion abuse

Promotions are an important part of a merchant’s strategy. After all, what customer doesn’t love a good deal? 

But discounts and offers also provide opportunities for fraudsters and genuine customers to abuse merchant promotion policies. In our 2020 survey, half of all merchants said promotion abuse has increased. With more genuine customers looking for opportunistic ways to cut costs, this could increase in 2021. 

How can you make sure these schemes don’t end up costing your business more than you bargained for? Join this upcoming webinar to learn how to protect your business from the hidden costs of promotions, vouchers and discounts.

Webinar discussion points:

  • Ways opportunistic customers and fraudsters take advantage of promo schemes
  • How promotion abuse impacts customer churn rate and customer lifetime value
  • Tips for how to determine your exposure to promo abuse
  • How to identify forms of promotion abuse using customer network analysis 
  • Learn how to set limits and checks to prevent promotion abuse getting out of control
  • Best practice for working with internal teams to tackle the problem

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