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How has the past year impacted merchants?

We spoke to four leading businesses Boohoo, CipSoft, Glovo and Flixbus to find out more...

Watch this on-demand webinar to gain insight from fraud & payment professionals from industry leaders about the market impact on fraud teams. Get industry-specific insights on the fraud trends, pandemic impact and PSD2 strategy. 

Key discussions:

  • Covid-19 impact: “contactless deliveries and returns makes it easier for customer disputes, so refund abuse is rising” - Nelda Biltauere, Boohoo 
  • Fraud on C-level agenda: “fraudsters are discovering different fraud schemes, so C-suite is once again interested in fraud teams” - Marcus Riese, CipSoft
  • Changing perception of fraud teams: “we still have to fight the perception that fraud management damages business” - Krystyna Savotchenko, Flixbus

PSD2 strategy: “with PSD2, we should look at optimising exemptions for users we trust, and challenging risky users to shift liability to the issuer bank” - Florian Jensen, Glovo


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