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Webinar: How to solve refund abuse?


Refund abuse is at an all-time high and it’s attacking your bottom line! Unfortunately, it’s rarely a straightforward challenge. Thankfully, Ravelin’s Chief Product Officer, Mark Barlow, is here to simplify it all.

Refund behaviour ranges from legitimate refunds to opportunistic abuse and hardened fraudulent activity. You want to balance cutting out the abuse with retaining customers. But it can be difficult to figure out how and when to intervene – especially in competitive markets.

Mark will delve into this using examples from across this spectrum. He will explore the different points in the customer journey at which you may want to act. And how to do this effectively.

Agenda highlights:
  • The many actors and techniques involved in refund abuse
  • How to identify refund abusers in your customer data
  • How to protect your revenue – the measures you can take to block, discourage or reform refund abusers
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