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Webinar: How to quantify your ATO problem

Measuring the scale and cost of account takeover

Over 50% of merchants globally say they lose up to $5 million a year to account takeover (ATO). Given that ATO attacks can be hard to detect, this huge sum is likely only the tip of the iceberg.
The total impact of this type of fraud isn’t always immediately obvious, but it presents a very real risk to your data integrity, customer trust and bottom line. This begs the question – how can you get a more complete picture of how much ATO is costing your business? 

Chris Boynton, Fraud Lead at Utility Warehouse, explores how you can more accurately identify and quantify the fallout of an ATO attack. He is joined by Ravelin Product Manager, Clayton Black. Together, they offer up a framework to help you confidently assess the scale of the problem.


  • The data sources and signals you should use to identify potential ATO activity
  • What you should prioritize measuring to quickly assess scale and severity
  • What key messaging should be delivered to decision makers to take action
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