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Webinar: How to get the most out of your fraud solution

The evolving fraud needs of a growing business


Date: Wednesday 28th June 2023
Time: 2pm BST/ 3pm CEST/ 6am PDT/ 9am ET

Expansion and growth is the aim of the game for most merchants. But scaling comes with a host of fraud challenges. And you can’t rely on the same old tricks and internal tools. Question is – how do you even begin working with an external solution? 

Kinguin Head of Risk & Fraud Intelligence, Egemen Ertop, offers up some help. Joined by Ravelin Account Manager, Liana Gohery, he details their rocky journey and the lessons learned to provide best practices for working with an external solution provider.  

Find out:

  • Why your business is more vulnerable to fraud as it scales
  • How to integrate your existing tools with an external solution
  • How to maintain KPI alignment as your business grows
  • How to collaborate with your provider to future-proof your security
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