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Global Payment Regulation & Authentication Report 2021


The past year has been a roller coaster for online payments, with soaring online sales revenues amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. European merchants barely had time to breathe before issuers began enforcing Strong Customer Authentication from January 2021. So how has it panned out so far?

We’ve collected data on millions of 3D Secure transactions from February – April to share high-level issuer country performance for 3D Secure versions 1 and 2. 

Report highlights:

- Overall, 3D Secure 1 performance has improved in most countries

- Some leading European eCommerce markets are still showing poor performance on 3D Secure 2

- North American issued cards have an extremely high success rate for both versions of 3D Secure

- Issuers offering Mastercard and Discover cards are more prepared for 3DS 2.2 than the current dominant 2.1.0

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