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European Online Merchant Perspectives Survey 2020

2020 has been a demanding year for online merchants in Europe. The Covid-19 pandemic has put massive strains on ecommerce, and never ending changes to PSD2 deadlines have turned business priorities upside-down.

To understand this year's impact, we surveyed 1000+ merchant fraud & payments professionals from around the globe, including the key European markets in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Download the survey for insights from four industries: Retail, Travel, Digital Goods and Marketplaces

Learn more from merchant responses to key questions, including:

- Are Europe's merchants ready for the impact of Europe's PSD2 regulation?

- How has the pandemic affected fraud operations across industries and global regions?

- Which forms of fraud have increased and what do merchants see as the top risks?

- How often do account takeovers happen and do merchants report these to authorities?

- How has the business perception of the fraud team changed?

Plus gain insight into how merchants manage manual reviews, chargeback challenges, recruiting into the team and what customer data is used to track fraud.


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