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Covid-19 makes account takeover more lucrative, are your customers under attack?


How many account takeovers happen in your business weekly? It’s probably more than you think. 

You could be falling victim to an attack each week. High impact attacks cause revenue loss and brand damage. Are there gaps in your defences?

Arm yourself against the growing threat of account takeover with our Account Takeover Update. Benchmark your tools and learn insights including:

- Find out why Covid-19 has made your customer accounts even more valuable, and vulnerable to attack

- Account takeover is the fastest growing fraud type, rising against 48% of merchants - is your business the next hot target?

- Are you one of the 33% of merchants that don’t report account takeover attacks? You could be liable for fines

- Why is it critical to monitor customer logins and use graph networks against account takeover? What are you missing without these tools?

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