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Webinar: Account takeover insights with Shawn Colpitts


Shawn Colpitts, Senior Fraud Investigator at one of the world’s largest ecommerce businesses, joins us to discuss account takeover.

Ravelin Integrations Engineer, Bhavin, gives a demo of an attack using credential stuffing techniques, with Shawn sharing first-hand tips on how to identify account takeover through both internal and external indicators. 

Finally, we share the technical defences and preventative policy measures you can implement to protect your customer accounts and prevent attacks on your business.

Agenda highlights: 

- An attack in action – behind the scenes of an account takeover attack with a demo

- Warning signs of attack activity and impact on the merchant after an attack

- How to prevent and react to account takeover

- Technical defences and preventative policy measures

- How to communicate effectively with customers


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