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Webinar: Your 3D Secure questions answered

Have you got questions about 3D Secure, PSD2 and delegated authentication? 

To help answer your questions about why 3D Secure performance is so varied, how merchants can benefit from frictionless authentication and what to expect next, we held an interactive webinar inviting you to ask us questions directly.

Fill in your details to watch the recording on demand, including 20 mins live Q&A from the audience. 

Sample questions:

- Why are acceptance rates so different between 3DS1 and 3DS2 in so many markets?

- How does 3DS support exemptions? How does it actually work and what type of exemptions can you request?

- What are the costs and benefits of using exemptions versus requesting authorization directly?

- What's FIDO / delegated authentication and how can you offer this?

- How does the liability shift with 3D Secure work?

If you have any more questions about 3DS or authentication, please get in touch - we'd love to help.


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